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PRM Strategy
Strengthen Business Plans & Achieve Strategic Goals

Knowing the profile of your partners and unravelling the business growth potential can help you design and plan a B2B loyalty program to increase customer engagement and channel sales.

"Our cost-effective and dynamic PRM solutions strive to align your channel distribution strategy with the business objectives of your vendors and channel partners. The integration of solutions with strategic marketing can deepen your brand value to secure new sources of revenue."

With our proven global capabilities and worldwide expertise over the last few decades are at the heart of our PRM solutions from crafting strategic blueprints, channel acquisitions, through to channel certifications and rewards fulfilment.

A Balanced Approach

Increase partner loyalty, boost sales and strengthen relationships with your partners, distributors and resellers through a balanced approach offers on-going motivation and incentive towards your brand.

A suite of solutions and activities will strengthen your business plans and achieve tactical goals as well as strategic goals for your channel partnership. With a wide variety of rewards, your PRM program can create competitive differentiation using rewards and personalised marketing communication strategies.

STRENGTHEN Sales Agent’s Motivation

Expand your sales revenues, channel loyalty and market share through a well-designed, well-implemented and effective performance-based sales agent/sales channel incentive programs. We have just the right people, technology and merchant networks for your channel partners and you to fully capitalize on, regardless what your requirements are.

MULTI-BENEFITS by Rewarding Channel Partners

  • Increases to sales, margins, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across channel partners
  • Improved economies of scale and closer collaborations with channel partners through a clear and shared vision of your business drivers and objectives
ESSENCE Of Edenred PRM Solutions

Designing New Channel Partners Strategy

Channel partners are your customers too. Our comprehensive suite of PRM solutions can help your business achieve greater operational and customer relations excellence in an increasingly complex, competitive world. Our solutions are designed to ensure a greater alignment of both your organizational strategies and goals as well as that of your channel partners’ on easy, accessible and intuitive platforms for your channel partners to use 365 days a year.

Managing Multi-Layered Channel Partners

Our solutions can help you tap into unseen opportunities especially in identifying your best channel partners and thereby giving them better preferences and rewards as well as in attracting new channel partners. By tapping into Edenred’s best practices in PRM, you are effectively gaining full access to invaluable resources and technologies that will help you achieve your business goals.

Analyzing Channel MIS Generation Programs & Technology

Our provision of accurate, precise and timely channel partners’ data can help make the daily, operation and strategic management of your channel partners more effective and responsive to a fast-changing world while gaining good competitive advantage over your industry peers. Obtain rich, comprehensive data of your channel promotions/rewards mechanism, response history, attribution data, interaction data and marketing outcomes across your channel partners and seize on every opportunity for your multi-channel acquisitions.

Managing Market Development (MDF) & Co-Op Funds

Edenred can help you manage small to large-scale MDFs to assist channel partners in their advertising, direct marketing, and other promotional costs by managing and allocating your MDFs prudently and strategically, especially with your top-tiered channel partners, you can enjoy better returns and results from your ROI with us.

Synergizing Sales and Marketing Promotions

Superb communications channels are built-in to our PRM solutions. It’s a powerful everyday tool that can help you unite channel partners to drive up your sales promotions, and successfully synchronize your daily sales and marketing activities whilst increasing their loyalty and keeping abreast of the latest news and events of your organization.

Be it partners who represent your brand exclusively or non-exclusive, to own your unique and custom-made platform for all communications purposes is essential to generating good revenue for your new product launches or sales promotions. Beyond this, it can serve to differentiate your products from competitors.

Running Channel Certification Programs

Robust certifications for channel partners will ensure a highly competent sale force that are adequately equipped and prepared to represent your brand while adding further values to it. Edenred can help you achieve this by disseminating, launching, tracking, and managing your channel training programs so channel partners can perform at optimum levels while increasing their sales individual performance and enhancing customer satisfaction all at once.

Leveraging on Channel Acquisitions

Bring down cost and bring in new sources of revenue by adding our unique PRM solutions alongside your channel partners acquisition strategies. Other benefits of our solutions include:

  • A comprehensive, in-depth analysis into channel partners’ selling processes and feedback
  • Measurement of response attribution
  • Maximization of web conversion where cost is but a fraction of traditional channels
  • Reduction in direct mail cost through other alternative platforms
  • Value acquisition spending by segmentation and lifetime value