Incentives & Rewards – create a winning loyalty program

Incentive and Rewards – Create a winning loyalty program

With nearly 30 years professional loyalty rewards incentive experience, we are able to provide both standardized and customized relationship marketing services for loyalty, incentive and rewards programs. Increasing the loyalty of customers and partners, giving recognition to well-deserved employees will bring on higher motivation, sales, and in turn, improve your business returns.

Building, nurturing and sustaining strong relationships with them in a creative and personalised approach that best motivates them are key drivers to a successful rewards program. Edenred has a broad range of incentives and rewards solutions to efficiently and cost-effectively manage campaigns and programs. Our solutions are highly customizable and versatile enough to be part of your marketing programs to help you differentiate from the rest while meeting your objectives.

Integrating a relationship marketing strategy for your business
  1. PRM – Partner Relationship Management
  2. CRM - Customer Relationship Management

With a strong regional presence in and around more than 13 Asia Pacific countries, Edenred Singapore can provide the extensive experience to design and support your rewards and incentive solutions.

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Key Highlights

Personalised solutions for companies looking for ways:

  • to incentivize employees and teams
  • improve the performance of sales force and channel
  • and nurture more loyal customer relationships
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Complete solutions across Asia-Pacific


  • Gift vouchers
  • Electronic gift vouchers
  • Merchandize
  • Gift catalogues


Marketing Services in the design, program and Campaign management of

  • Incentives and rewards
  • Sales force and channel partners motivation and loyalty programs
  • Customer and employee recognition and rewards
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Distribution networks incentives
  • Promotion campaigns